Monday, 3 October 2016

The end. Well, almost

So, this is it. The 2016 Favourite Aunties and Old Comrades Reunion Tour has come to an end. I have seen my favourite aunties, dozens of cousins and more old friends than I can count. I've seen a cousin get married in Africa, climbed mountains in Spain and Rwanda, taught the haka to Czech school kids, and explored a Soviet time-warp in a country that officially doesn't exist. On Thursday night I'll be back home in Kerikeri and on Saturday I'll be back at work. This isn't the end of my blog, however: I still have a heap of videos to post plus I'm hoping to compile a few photo galleries and a list of highlights and lowlights. So watch this space...

Mystery solved
I wasn't looking forward to the long flight home from Ethiopia but it turned out to be a breeze. When I went to check in online I found that someone had already booked me the best seat on the plane all the way from Dubai to Auckland; then during the flight Emirates staff gave me a cake (see picture above). I assumed it was a mistake - surely it was meant for someone celebrating a birthday? - but it was labelled with my name and seat number. I had to eat it all before I reached biosecurity in Auckland; fortunately, a few fellow passengers volunteered to help me out. No one on board could tell me why I was being singled out for special treatment. The mystery has now, however, been solved. It turns out it was the work of my awesome travel agent Aimee Ruka. Cheers Aimee!

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