Friday, 8 April 2016

Ráchel, Boris and me

And here's someone else I want to catch up with (no, not Boris the inflatable tyrannosaurus rex, though he is still somewhere in the Czech Republic). Ráchel, here aged about nine, was a child genius and one of my favourite students. She may still be a genius but she is certainly no longer a child. I used to spend the odd Christmas with Ráchel, her sister Sarah and their mum Barbora, who served as a sort of surrogate family for me. Both girls now live in Prague and are globe-trotting extreme frisbee exponents but I'm sure I'll see them somewhere.
In case you were wondering, those are not Czech national costumes we're wearing. This was a Halloween dress-up, the year before an unfortunate incident involving me in a pirate costume, the Czech police, and a fine my boss somehow made go away. But that's another story...

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