Wednesday, 11 May 2016

A walk in the hills

A few minutes walk out of Muscat you're in the mountains that ring the city and completely alone, with the only sounds the odd bird call and the call to prayer echoing from the mosques below. I took a two-hour hike up a wadi (river bed) and across the hills, great views but it was tough walking in 40-degree-plus heat.  Can't imagine what it's like in mid-summer...

This is the view on the way back down to the coast. That white UFO is a  tower in the shape of a giant incense burner, a nod to the frankincense trade that made Oman wealthy many centuries ago.  I'd hoped to do a few more hikes - some of Oman's mountain wadis are said to be jaw-droppingly beautiful - but it's just too hot. I'll have to come back in winter. 

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