Sunday, 1 May 2016

Silver Lightning finds a home

There are so many things to organise before a big trip, but one of the most pressing problems was finding a suitable foster family for my trusty 1987 Toyota (official name: Silver Lightning). Today, at the last possible moment, it all came together. So, first it's going to the fabulous Nick and Eva (pictured here with their youngest, Francesca), who will use it to run around town until they too go on holiday; then it will go to ferry driver extraordinaire Nadia, who will it keep dry and loved in a car port in Opua. Thanks to you all, and everyone else who has helped make this trip a reality - the de Graaf and Gall families (Tante Do in particular); my boss, for accidentally giving me as much unpaid lave as I wanted; my colleagues who will make sure the news from the Mid North keeps being told; and my landlords Mick and Annemiek for being so accommodating, finding a tenant while I'm away, and being prepared to have me back in October.