Saturday, 30 July 2016

Meet Irina, my 70-year-old tour guide

The other day I was in a pretty little village in northern Romania called Ieud, asking for directions to another pretty village called Botiza. To get there by road would have involved a long trek out to the main highway and back down the next valley, though I could see on my map the villages were only a few kilometres apart with just a range of hills between. The first person I asked wasn't sure how to find the footpath between the villages, but Irina, who I guess is about 70, overheard my request and insisted on showing me the way. She set a cracking pace and wouldn't leave me till we reached a point where there was no chance I'd get lost. For a while I was worried she'd insist on walking me all the way to Botiza. She spoke no English and I only know a few words of Romanian, but that didn't matter. Thanks for your kindness Irina!

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