Thursday, 19 May 2016

Oops, there goes the control tower

Last night I flew a Boeing 737 over Amsterdam, clipping the airport control tower (sorry about that!), and up the Inn Valley in the Austrian Alps. Here's my co-pilot Peter de Graaf (the other one) after our successful landing in Innsbruck. 
My namesake, who's a town planner by profession, has spent the past few years buying 737 parts online and building a fully functional cockpit and flight simulator. Any parts he couldn't buy he made from scratch; he also did a lot of the programming himself. So now, instead of retiring, he runs a busy flight training business for commercial pilots. There's plenty of demand because he charges a fraction of the big boys at nearby Schipol airport. Peter sacrificed his dinner to take me on a couple of flights, bless him. The man's a genius.

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