Friday, 27 May 2016

Still life with windmill and dachshund

In my search for the quintessential Dutch image, I found this: A working windmill, a dachshund and a windswept cousin named Sanne on a freezing spring day. The three of us were on a walk around the historic fortifications of Gorinchem, the charming riverside town where Sanne lives with her hubbie Erwin and dog Mika.

... and here's another pic of Sanne and Mika...

... and this is Sanne and Erwin, on our way home from a night on the town sampling Dutch delicacies such as bitterballen (crumbed, deep-fried balls containing a mystery meat paste) and white asparagus. Their home is the middle one of the three in the background and overlooks a historic harbour. Everyone I've visited has shown me great kindness and hospitality, and Sanne and Erwin were no exception. 

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