Thursday, 30 June 2016

Class reunion #1

One of the reasons for visiting České Budějovice was to take part in the 20th anniversary reunion of Anglo-Czech High School's class of 1996. This was the first class at the school - they started in 1992 when the school roll was just 26 and there were just three full-time teachers, including me - and I'm still in regular contact with several of them. It was great catching up with them again and finding out what they're doing now. Many still live in České Budějovice, a few live in Prague, one is in Holland and one in Iceland (!). 
Alas I didn't think about getting a group photo until late in the evening when several had already gone home; also missing from this photo is Jirka, who flew from Holland just to take part in the reunion. In the picture, from left, are Eržik (former class teacher), Lucie, Filip, me, Honza, Klára, Karolina, Klára and Zuzana. It was great to see you all again. 

Eržik in action

Jana (now living in Prague) and Zuzana (Iceland, via Hungary)