Wednesday, 24 August 2016

An on-road, off-road adventure

I was wondering why, in a land bursting with public transport, there was only one minibus a day between the towns of Gisenyi and Kibuye on the shores of Lake Kivu. I soon found out. It's one of the roughest roads I've experienced and I still can't believe an overloaded two-wheel-drive van made it all the way (the driver should be in the Rwandan national rally team). 
At one point we were stopped by police who fined the driver for operating a vehicle which was not in roadworthy condition. As if to prove their point the driver was unable to re-start the van and a door fell off while he attempted a push start. After an hour of tinkering with the engine the driver got it going again. Instead of being annoyed by the delay my fellow passengers thought the whole escapade was hilarious.

The driver tries to put the door back on

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