Tuesday, 9 August 2016

It's a small world

So I'd been in Kigali for a few hours and had no way of contacting Jan (my cousin who's getting married here next week) so I decided to wander around and get oriented until I found some working wi-fi. I was walking down a busy street when I heard someone shout "Hey Peter!" from a passing car. It was Jan, freshly arrived in Kigali and on his way to check out the apartments he'd booked for the de Graaf invasion. It's a small world eh? 
I joined Jan and Yvette's cousin Anto as they picked up various family members from the airport and gate-crashed someone else's wedding - an uncle of Yvette's - at the flashest hotel in Kigali as a sort of practice run for next Friday. The photo is of Jan and Yvette at her uncle's wedding. Jan told me his wedding won't be as fancy but they'll have more drummers. Lots more drummers. That sounds good to me.

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