Thursday, 25 August 2016

Things I love about the Czech Republic #2

1. Catching up with old friends over some of the world's best beer 

Really, need I say more? This picture was taken during a couple of lovely days with my old mate Simon Gill, who now lives in a village near Olomouc in the east of the country. I've known Simon since the mid-1990s when he was living in Slovakia; he moved there a month before the Velvet Revolution, after living in the UK, the Netherlands, Sudan and Turkey. Any visit to Simon is enjoyable but on this occasion I also got to spend some time with his wife Lenka and highly entertaining daughters Annie (pictured) and Emma. 

2. Tvarohové kolače

These are fabulous pastries made with tvaroh - a dairy product which, as far as I know, has no New Zealand equivalent - and, in this case, forest-picked blueberries. Mmmm. 

3. Old-fashioned pubs

I was amazed to discover that one of my favourite pubs from the 1990s, the very unglamourous and slightly dingy Na Dvorku, not only still exists but also still serves my favourite meal for only a little more than I paid all those years ago. And a half litre of Budvar still costs 26 Crowns, about NZ$1.50. 

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