Saturday, 20 August 2016

Jan and Yvette's wedding: Day 2 in photos

The wedding of my cousin Jan and his fiancee Yvette in Rwanda was one of the great travel experiences of my life. It'll be months before I can properly sort through the photos from four days of dancing, drumming, eating, speeches and ritual, but here's a small sample from day 2, the traditional Rwandan wedding ceremony. Photos from day 3 (the church wedding and reception) and day 4 (the milk ceremony) will come later. If you're wondering what happened to day 1 (the legal wedding and dinner at Aunt Violette's home), I missed it because I was travelling around Rwanda at the time. There are plenty of stories to come but for now I'll let the pictures do the talking...

Cousins Julia, Anna, Sophie and Renee in traditional Rwandan dress

Jan (the tall guy in the middle) with cousins and classmates from Singapore

The groom's entourage

Drummers from Burundi

The bride arrives, escorted by her aunts and brothers

Anita, a close friend of Yvette's, was one of the key organisers of the wedding

Rwandan dancers

More Rwandan dancers

Jan (with dance teacher Fabrice) impressed the locals with his performance of a traditional dance